If there was one thing that I liked of my old job was travelling through the beautiful landscapes of south Italy  and seeing everyday new places. One day, almost unwillingly I walked into a shop of electronics. All I knew is that I needed something that would help me to remember what is important. I bought my first camera. A small film point and shoot  Canon.
Over 20 years have gone by. In the era of the digital photography, the small film Canon no longer exists. But the pictures and the memory that those pictures carry are all there.
A photograph is not only the capture of a visual moment. It is a memory. The memory of a journey. The memory of a friend. The memory of something important in one's life.


It has been a long journey from my first camera. I learnt to take photos by trial and mistakes. Like many I still learn on everyday bases.

Another great passion of my life are dogs. I have the privilege to own two beautiful dogs. They are a Giant Schnauzer named Dante and a fawn lurcher named Maxi. I adopted Maxi in the summer of the 2013.

I live in the small Irish coastal village of Laytown where I've been involved in dogs rescue for over a decade. The high number of dogs that goes through my place quickly took a prominent place in my photography. I developed photographic techniques that allow me to capture subtle moments in a dog's life and preserve them forever.

From the beginning of the 2013 I expanded into the professional photography field. The aim is to help dogs owners to have unforgettable memories of their dogs through beautiful pictures.


I shoot on location and I like to use mainly natural light in outdoor and indoor situations.

Michele Rossini

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